Friday, November 24, 2006

BUG Mafia

Available videos:
  1. Romaneste
  2. Viata Noastra (feat. Adriana)
  3. Lumea E A Mea (feat. Loredana)
  4. O Lume Nebuna (feat. Villy)
  5. Un 2 Si Trei De 0 (feat. Villy)
  6. Cine E Cu Noi (feat. Nico)
  7. Pantelimonu Petrece (feat. Adriana Vlad)
  8. Dupa Blocuri
  9. Hai Sa Fim High (live)
  10. Strazile
  11. Poezie De Strada
  12. Poveste Fara Sfarsit (live)

B.U.G. Mafia (Bucharest UnderGround Mafia) is a Bucharest based hip hop crew (founded in 1993), and is among the first hip hop groups in Romania. They are gangsta rappers, who generally rap about life in the their poor neighborhood, Pantelimon; subjects include poverty, crimes, corruption, money, but they also criticize the political class in Romania. B.U.G. Mafia are very popular in Romania.

The band recorded their first album, Mafia in January 1995. The group appeared on the World Hip Hop compilation album, released in Madrid, Spain: members Uzzi, Tataee and Caddy are included with the song "Cine e cu noi?" ("Who's With Us?"), along with another Romanian artist, Nico. The song was originally released on the 2002 album B.U.G. Mafia prezintă CASA ("B.U.G. Mafia presents CASA"). (BUG Mafia - Wikipedia)

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Uzzi ii raspunde lui Puya pe Youtube

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